Amy Bartlett REALTOR®

Port Aransas has something for everyone: fishing, beaches, golf, art and music venues, fabulous restaurants, and only four traffic lights! Having arrived here early in 2002 for an island getaway, I found this unique community to be a special place to live and a hard place to leave. After a six-month stay, we were hooked and it was inevitable–my family moved here full-time!
I’ve spent the last three decades working in real estate related fields–property development, construction, and real estate investment–and I now have the privilege of combining my experience in all aspects of real estate with my love of our island lifestyle to help clients make informed decisions that will best satisfy their real estate goals.
Whether you are interested in buying or selling, please, feel free to call me with questions, search parameters, or to just chat about the area.
Life really is better at the beach!

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